Thursday, October 27, 2005

Aid distributed by IR over the last couple of days

A summary of the aid distributed by IR over the last few days. If anyone would like a full listing, village by village, contact me on muhammad [dot] ansa [at] islamic-relief [dot] org [dot] uk, and I'll send it over to you.

In Bagh, 3,500 quilts, 2,000 blankets, 176 tents, 1,000 food packs, 2,000 bottles of cooking oil, 700 kg of pulses, 779 kitchen sets and 872 mats were distributed to survivors. IR aid workers also gave out water canisters, dates, flour and plastic sheets. The aid was distributed in around 100 villages in the Bagh district over three days.

In Rawalakot, IR staff distributed over 1,000 quilts, 200 blankets, 400 tents and 1,485 food packs to survivors in around 30 villages over three days. People also received 960 kitchen sets, 300 plastic sheets and cooking oil.

In Muzaffarabad, IR staff continue to distribute aid. Survivors received 1,917 quilts, nearly 2,000 blankets, 286 tents, 259 kitchen sets, food, plastic sheets, hygiene kits and other aid items.

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