Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Islamabad on Five Big Fault Lines

Islamabad is situated on five major fault lines, one of which is exactly underneath the Faisal Mosque, a top official said yesterday. Allah Bakhsh Kosar, the director of the Geological Survey of Pakistan (GSP), and MZ Babar, a GSP geo-physicist, said it could not be determined when these fault lines will cause another earthquake. The officials said that an earthquake with a magnitude of 3.7 was reported a few days ago, and had its epicentre near Shahzad Town. They said that the fault lines under Islamabad were around 30mn years old.

“The earthquakes have to come sooner or later. The important thing is how well we are prepared to face them,” they said, adding that the entire country, except the planes of Punjab, was tectonically fractured. They said that the ancient civilisation of Taxila might also have perished from a severe earthquake. A major 2km fault line was situated under Havellian, they said.

The GSP officials said that when the government had planned to declare Islamabad the federal capital, its seismic zoning was conducted. Geologists had warned the then government that Islamabad was prone to high intensity earthquakes because it was situated in an active earthquake zone. The officials said that it was not advisable to construct high-rise buildings in Islamabad. They said that no building structure higher than two stories should be allowed in the federal capital, as the earth’s crust in Islamabad could not sustain the weight of high-rise buildings.

Source: Internews via Gulf Times
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Blogger Zohare said :

This doesn't sound very promising. I live in the same sector where Faisal Mosque is located...

Should we be worried?

October 26, 2005 9:45 pm  
Blogger Danish said :

Danish From Islamabad: 051-2106606

President Gen Ayub redeployed capital from Karachi to Islamabad in his regime. It is acceptable to this point but what was wrong when it was evidently led under his notice that this area is under the high intensive potential of earthquakes. It was without a consultation strong-willed to situate the Islamabad as capital. Now, including the deaths of Margalla Towers the amount of approaching causalities in the result upcoming earthquake will be considered in Ayub Khan’s responsibility.

February 02, 2006 3:59 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

What are the 5 major fault lines located exactly?

February 20, 2008 8:46 pm  
Blogger Nadeem1414 said : i have visited to this site and found some straing news about the fault line, if it is true then it should be strong again

April 16, 2010 3:33 am  
Blogger akmal butt said :

You shouldn't be because whatever will happen is gonna happen to all..The only way to avoid is to migrate to a safe city or to reconstruct houses with a sound material..

November 26, 2015 6:47 am