Thursday, October 27, 2005

Kala Dhaka Neglected in Relief & Rescue Activities

Residents of 24 villages of Kala Dhaka, one of the worst earthquake-hit areas in the northern districts, have complained that no aid or relief could be provided to them even after the lapse of about three weeks of the catastrophe. Dil Faroz alias Pirbagaru said that members of National Assembly from the area Maulana Abdul Malik and provincial assembly Zargul Khan had promised the people that relief goods would be supplied to them through helicopters, but they could see no helicopter carrying relief goods during the 18 days.

According to Faroz, the worst affected villages in the area were Kan Paen, Kan Bala, Toram Morta, Zondi Zaidan, Beeran, Laridaro, Kanol, Char Sergai, Kozkai, Mori Kharwa, Ona, Janjoria, Sokal Paen, Sokal Bala, Pirkel, Sherkat, Kongar Sabe, Mera Khankel, Teegram, Teeli, Kwani Seerai, Meerabad, Shawa Naranj and Kalo Khan.

The first and foremost need in the area is that of tents and blankets, he said, adding that they had been spending the chilly nights in light Chaders (shawls). Only some non-governmental donor agencies approached the area and distributed old cloths, sweaters and quilts among some of the people, but no governmental organisation even the army had paid any visit to the area up till now. He feared if temporary shelter and blankets were not provided to them, many of them particularly women and children would die of cold that is gaining more and more intensity with each passing day. Read More....

Source: PakPositive
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Anonymous Anonymous said :

Zar Gul Khan done his with great respect "says kala dhaka people"

May 11, 2009 4:08 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

Zar Gul Khan done his Work with great respect "says kala dhaka people"

May 11, 2009 4:09 am