Thursday, October 27, 2005

Thousands trapped in Pakistani tourist resort

Mohammad Bashir Zaman, a guide, is among thousands of people still trapped in the popular Pakistani tourist resort of Naran, following the devastating regional earthquake of 8 October. Whereas only two or three lives were lost in the Naran area - one of the most popular destinations in the Kaghan valley - following the quake most local people have been trapped in the area by landslides on roads, unable to travel southwards and now desperately short of food.

"The situation here is very bad. Many buildings are damaged, including the resort run by the PTDC [Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation] by the riverside, and we quite literally have no food supplies," said Zaman, speaking over the telephone.

He also reported that the first snows of winter had already fallen in the area, located 10,500ft [do we prefer metres rather than feet?] above sea level and some 280 km north of the Pakistani capital, Islamabad.

"Conditions now are really bad here. There has been no relief dropped by helicopter or provided through any other means. I can't understand why aid is not being dropped by chopper. Perhaps attention has not been given because the number of deaths here is very small," maintained Zaman. He added that because many buildings were damaged, people preferred not to venture into them, despite the freezing weather. Read More ....

Source: IRIN
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