Wednesday, October 26, 2005

In devastated Uri, people try to start life again

Those who are dead will be remembered and those who survived in this quake want to start their life again. This is now the general feeling in this quake hit area. People want to restore their routine work and most of the people can be seen resuming their work also.

The main challenges which authorities face in this area is immediate restoration of derailed water pipelines, reopening of schools and the stay of skilled and unskilled manpower in this area to guide and help the quake hit people to start their life again. Besides the carcass disposal is demanding more attention so that the chances of epidemic can be prevented.

"Neither we have any drinking water nor our children have any books and besides that we fear more deaths due to the epidemic in this area," said Mohammad Shareef of Dachi.

The government girl's higher secondary school, which was reopened Tuesday, witnessed the presence of fifty students but nobody had any books. The school will work in tin sheds and a nearby tent will serve the purpose of principle's office.

"We do not need any clothes but what we need is shelter. Give us hardware, timber and tin we will construct some rooms ourselves," asked Qurban Ali resident of Dullanja.

Source: Kashar
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