Thursday, October 13, 2005

USA - New York City - PIA offer to fly supplies out to Pakistan

From "W" in the comments

If you're in the NYC area you may donate blankets, sweater and meds per this announcement:

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has offered to fly supplies out to Pakistan from New York City. We will be collecting winter clothing and blankets to send to those in need.
DIL and YOUR DIL have been designated by the Pakistani Consulate to certify the contents of packages sent and will deliver the items to PIA.

We will collect items at various locations around the city (see below for details) until Friday October 14 at 8pm.

We encourage everyone to pass this around to your co-workers and friends. If you are able to, collect from other people on your own and drop items off at one of the official collection points.

This is so important. Without these supplies, there is a great danger the death toll in the region will continue to rise. Please take the time out to contribute to this effort.

Thank-you so much,


Instructions for Drop-Off

1. Choose closest collection point from those below.
2. Drop items off no later than 8pm on Friday October 14.
2. Bring clothing/blankets either in a bag or cardboard box with your contact info attached.
3. We have provided phone numbers/emails for each collection point. Please use email when necessary, phone only if unavoidable.
4. Please leave items with doorman if no one is home.

Items We Need

Blankets (Used or New)
Sweaters (Used or New)
Sweatshirts (Used or New)
Jackets/Coats (Used or New)
NEW Socks
NEW Thermals
UNOPENED Over-the-counter Painkillers and Stomach Medicines (Tylenol, Advil, Immodium, etc)

*Please note that we will not accept items outside of the above list*
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October 13, 2005 1:16 pm