Thursday, October 13, 2005

Donate to Pakistan President Relief Fund

Via a reader, Lilith, in the comments on this post.

Donate to Pakistan President Relief Fund

How You Can Help

You can donate money through:
- credit card payment
- donation in a special relief account

You can send the following types of relief goods:
- food
- medicines:
- Antibiotics
- Anti-Typhoid Medicines
- Fracture Treatment Kits
- Surgical Equipment
- tents
- blankets

These can be sent to any of our embassies in your country of residence. If you are resident in Pakistan you may send the relief goods to your closest "President's Relief Fund" Camp.

If you are a Government representative, your government may wish to assist Pakistan by donating/loaning cargo helicopters and engineering plant equipment other than the relief goods identified above.

Citizens, Community Based organizations and NGOs wishing to contribute towards "President''s Relief Fund for Earthquake Victims" are requested to send / deposit their donations in the above fund opened with the following:

- All branches of The State Bank of Pakistan
- All Treasuries
- All branches of National Bank of Pakistan
- All branches of Habib Bank of Pakistan
- All branches of United Bank of Pakistan
- All branches of Muslim Commercial Bank of Pakistan
- All Branches of Allied Bank of Pakistan

Donations, both from domestic and international donors can be deposited in the above branches of the banks. Donations from abroad can be deposited at all the branches of above banks in foreign countries where such branches exist. In other foreign countries where these branches do not exist donations will be received by the Pakistan Missions and remitted to the State Bank of Pakistan.

All proceeds received in the name of the fund will be credited to the Public account of the Federal Government under following Head of Account:
G-12 Special deposit fund
G 121 - Relief Funds
G 12130 ''President''s Relief Fund for EarthquakeVictims - 2005
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