Thursday, October 13, 2005

Earthquake victims hit by shortage of tents

GARKOTE: Things became worse for the people of this quake-affected hamlet in Uri tehsil with the first of the winter showers lashing the region on Tuesday. The villagers are already facing a severe shortage of tents.

About 60 per cent of this border village was wiped out in Saturday's quake. The houses were reduced to rubble. Many bodies are yet to be retrieved. Those who managed to reach Uri town got tents. But they still became drenched, as the tents were not waterproof. Moreover, there is the problem of overcrowding. Tents that can accommodate four persons are filled with dozens.

However, officials said that over 2,500 tents had been distributed in the last five days. Over 4,000 blankets were distributed in Uri alone.

The story is not different in other border villages. On Tuesday, policemen had a tough time controlling the crowds that mobbed the relief convoys carrying tents in Jabla. It took them almost two hours to distribute some 40 tents.

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