Thursday, October 13, 2005

India: Survivors get back to life in Uri

Uri (J &K), Oct 13 (PTI) People in this quake ravaged border town along the Line of Control are picking up the threads of life once again. After laying to rest their dead kin and with injured brethren still in medical camps, many a survivor today got back to work rebuilding their broken hearths even as relief convoys poured into the town, about 101 kms from Srinagar.

A few shops that survived the fury of the terrible tremblor on Saturday opened even as others got to repair their establishments trying to give a semblance of normality in the sector, which accounted for most of the 1340 people killed by the October 8 calamity.

"We can't survive on relief forever... We have to eke out a living", said Riyaz Ahmad, repairing his shop. Ahmad, who lost several of his relatives and friends, in the catastrophe said "this is the way of life. You have to face reality. You cannot mourn your dead forever. You have to move ahead as life is struggle."

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