Thursday, October 13, 2005

Urgent Plea from Brig.(Retd) Abdus Salam Akhtar in Balakot & Muzaffarabad

Tabraiz Feham emailed us the following letter from Brig.(Retd) Abdus Salam Akhtar (the principal at College of Digital Sciences (CDS) Karachi-Rawalpindi) who is actively conducting the relief & rehabilitation operations in Balakot & Muzaffarabad region and needs generous contributions for relief efforts:

BALAKOT has been worst hit by the earthquake. Thousands have died and everyone is homeless. Below is a letter of Brig.(Retd) Abdus Salam Akhtar explaining rehabilitation project of earthquake victims by Al-Khawarizmi Society and contribution details. Please HELP and CONTRIBUTE generously.


Al-Khawarizmi Society registered with Government of Punjab has initiated a program for the Permanent Rehabilitation of Earthquake Affectees especially in the worst affected areas in Balakot, Muzaffarabad etc.

The president of society Brig (Retd) Abdus Salam Akhtar himself is the resident of Balakot and would therefore be able to contribute in this permanent rehabilitation project very effectively.

The plans are being worked out and will be intimated to all the donatees. The advance information is being provided in order to indicate to the donors the necessity of neither permanent solution of the people who neither have homes nor any source of subsistence left. The present relief operation in the form of Tents, Clothing’s, and Food etc. are going to certainly help them but it is not a long-term solution.

In view to the above we appeal to all to contribute in this project. All donates will automatically become friends of the society and the major contributors will be requested to also be involved in the functioning and operation of the project.

The donation may be sent in the name of Al-Khawarizmi Society in cash or cheque in the
Account Number 20311-714 -107770,
Habib Bank AG Zurich, and 9, Haider Road, Rawalpindi

With regards
Yours Sincerely

Brig.(Retd) Abdus Salam Akhtar
President Al-Khawarizmi Society
55/1, Bank Road, Rawalpindi Pakistan.
Tele. # 0092-051-5581133, 5563276
Fax # 0092-051- 5518357

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