Wednesday, October 12, 2005

URGENT: Volunteers Needed in Islamabad, AJK and Northern NWFP

Joint Action Committee - Pakistan
Earthquake Relief Effort - October 2005

Volunteers Needed Urgently:

The Joint Action Committee of NGOs in Pakistan has mounted a combined relief effort. In addition to materials and financial assistance, there is a great need for volunteers. Women, men and young people aged 18 and above, are requested to participate in the relief effort. Volunteers are needed for the following:

Field work in the earthquake affected areas, especially AJK and Northern NWFP. Volunteers should be able to walk long distances in mountainous terrain. Volunteers are needed to work with children, women and men in these areas.

Islamabad based relief work: Volunteers are needed to sort out and handle relief supplies, work with nurses, doctors and other professionals, and provide counseling support to young children affected by the earthquake from the disaster-hit areas.

If you are 18 years and above, enthusiastic, in good health, physically fit enough to walk and work in mountain terrain in rotation periods of around 5 days, and willing to give willingly of your time, please call the numbers given below. You will be matched with work according to your time availability, interest and skills.

College and university students, or those who have completed their education, or are in between various stages of it, or are unemployed, are especially encouraged to volunteer their time and energy.

We are organizing basic training for those who will be doing field work - so this is also an opportunity to improve your skills and gain some hands-on experience while you help those in need.

To register yourself please call any of the following numbers:
0300 - 500 1769; 0300 - 854 5171; (051) 225 2908; toll free number: 0800-22 444

Source: InsanityWORKS Relief Information
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