Thursday, October 13, 2005

Update from Lahore

The following email was sent it to us from Henna with ADP in Lahore:

We have sent a team of doctors from Shalimar Hospital. Packages has sent two trucks. Kafans are badly needed. At present two to three persons are being buried in one kafan. It is true the retailers have increased prices and things are in short supply. Blankets are needed as well. We
are also sending medicines. At present the law and order situation is out of control and there is looting. People have also been held at gun point who went to work as volunteers.

It is best to donate to Ehdi as they are working in the field. The windows of their vans have also been broken. Perhaps the army will do something about controlling the law and order situation as it is an impediment for the relief effort that we are all making.

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