Wednesday, November 02, 2005

How You Can Help Raise Awareness

Open Silicon Valley provides a list ways to get involved. They provide information about how to raise awareness with government, media, corporations and community. Go there and find a way to help.

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Anonymous ahmer azam said :

I am a US based Pakistani and would like to inform of another way to raise some funds for the earthquake, that worked really well for us.

We organized a “Earthquake Mela”/ fair for the community (Pakistani/ non-Pakistani) in NJ yesterday. The hall rental was highly subsidized ($1500) since it was for a charitable cause. The food was largely donated by restaurants in NJ. Volunteers organized games/ face painiting/ hena paining etc. Funds were raised as follows:

1. Entrance Fee that was $3 per person.
2. Food items were being sold at restaurant rates. We spent close to $8-$10 per person just on food.
3. Children games etc. were another $20 or so…
4. Tables were sold by vendors (banks, mortgage companies, books sellers etc) who paid for the tables.

I believe that an average family of 4 would have spent close to $80-$100 dollars on fun things, but all that money went towards Fund raising.

If there were, lets say, 500 families (conservative estimate) who attended, that translated to $50,000 of funds. In addition to that, people also wrote checks and donated money for the quake victims.

Sometimes people find redirecting their existing entertainment towards fun things like this easier than to put there hands into their pockets, which are not very deep for everybody.

I believe that other communities should do that too.

Ahmer Azam

November 20, 2005 10:55 am