Tuesday, November 01, 2005

IR update

Aid distributed by IR and donations received at the end of last week.

Points of note: Mormon church has donated 20 containers of aid to IR. The aid will arrive in Pakistan by ship and includes medical equipment, blankets and emergency kits. The Sun newspaper has donated 85 winterised army tents to IR which have now arrived in Islamabad.

Friday 28 October
IR staff gave out 194 family tents in Muzaffarabad district and Neelum Valley. They also handed out 279 quilts, 108 blankets, 492 food packs and 111 plastic sheets.

In Dhirkot, IR aid workers distributed 200 tents, 358 quilts, 86 blankets, 173 water containers, 877 gift packs, 1,264 packets of milk, 994 bags of flour, 988 bottles of cooking oil and 992 food packs.

In Bagh, 294 tents were distributed to villagers.

In Rawalakot, 110 tents, 740 quilts, 368 kitchen sets, 480 food packs, 405 bags of flour, 110 plastic sheets and 190 blankets were distributed to survivors.

IR USA received a large donation of 20 containers of aid from the Church of Jesus Christ and the Latter Day Saints. The shipment contains blankets, medical equipment and emergency kits and will be sent by sea to Pakistan.

The Sun newspaper has donated 85 Hungarian winterised army tents to IR. The aid consignment left UK on Thursday 27 October.

IR South Africa is sending a 40 foot container of warm clothing to Pakistan. Another two containers, one containing blankets, the other containing flour, are due to leave South Africa in early November.
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