Saturday, October 15, 2005

JAC-Pakistan & Sungi Update # 4

Sungi sent us the following situational update for 14th October, 2005:

The JAC Secretariat in the SUNGI Islamabad office has to-date been working round the clock as a collection centre. Volunteers from all walks of life and all parts of the country have been coming in with consignments and the food items. All the items are sorted and sent out to the field in transportation, which is either sent by philanthropists and or hired by the JAC secretariat. A total of approximately 15 trucks, consisting of 10 large trucks and five small pick-ups. About half of the commodities have gone to Abbottabad and the other half to AJK. As a joint effort, Sungi and Plan International Mansehra, successfully organized a medical camp at Dhodial. Another team of doctors and para-medics from Islamabad was assisted in moving onto district Battagram.

The priority needs of the affected people are:
1) Shelter/Tents | 2) Blankets | 3) Food Items | 4) Medical aid

Read the entire report by JAC-Pakistan and Sungi as of October 14th, 2005
Read yesterday's situational report by Sungi
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