Friday, October 14, 2005

URGENT: Plea by Mercy Malaysia in Bagh City for Medicines, Blankets and Transport

Following is an urgent request from Dr. Jemilah Mahmood of Mercy Malaysia, which was sent in to us by a relief volunteer:

Urgent request from Bagh City where MERCY Malaysia and PIMA are working out of Pearl International School. Makeshift field hospital with up to 30 surgeries per day and numerous injuries seen in outpatient unit. Need for painkillers and sedatives especially TRAMAL, MIDAZOLAM, AUTOCASTS, POP SETS. Sufficient IVs and antibiotics. Patients are sleeping in cold tents and outdoors. Need urgently shelters and warm blankets, sleeping bags. Will appreciate helicopter airlift for surgeons and supplies. Contact in Bagy City is Dr. Heng or Ms. Aishah Tel: +92 5872043144 (fixed line and good connection).
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