Friday, October 14, 2005

Free Transport Services for Carriage of Relief Goods to Affected Areas

Pakistan Railways has offered free transport services for carriage of relief goods to earthquake-affected areas. Contact numbers are Quetta: (081) 9201976, Sukkur: (071) 9310046, Multan: (061) 9200619 and Lahore: (042) 9201941. These are for inland delivery.

Similarly a train, Karwan-e-Muhabbat train, would be staying in all major cities from karachi to rawalpindi to collect relief free of cost. Pleae contact PTV's Life line for information i.e. (051) 111- 788- 788.

Through PTV's Life Line [051- 111-788-788], you can volunteer yourself for any aid you can give. You can get information on children and families lost or cut off from their families, or if you have any such information you can give it here. This Life line would be wrking in cooperation with Army's control room, thus helping largely in many ways in all quake-affected araes.

In Islamabad's make-shift Aabpara community center medical center, 200 beds and bedding is urgently needed. Please contact for aid on this number: 051-9267596

Source: Lahore Metblogs
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