Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Bali Memorial Trust

My dad's ngo is also working with the Bali Memorial Trust group because one of the heads, Dr. Abid Malik, is a close friend and a member of Friends of P.I.M.S. (dads ngo). We are trying to get volunteers together to help with all kinds of things.

Feel free to call me for any information on that. +92-333-528-9108

You know, honestly the thing these kids need most is some attention, some real value added attention. Many of them have suffered trauma we may never experience in our entire lives and are so disassociated from everything they know to be safe.

Originally, this was just a comment, but I think it deserves a post status.

I did a tour of the hospital with my entire group the other day. My dad wanted to meet us all and introduce them to Dr. Abid and see what we can do to get involved.

You know, I think I might be trying to handle too many things at once. God help me, God help us all!!!
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