Monday, November 07, 2005

Surgeons & Volunteers Needed for Field Hospitals

Operation Heartbeat:
There is a field hospital up and running in Garhi Dupatta which is utilizing rotating medical and surgical teams. They are in dire need of physicians. These efforts are being coordinated by Dr. Farzad Najam, a cardiac surgeon at the George Washington University Medical Center in Washington, DC. Please contact Dr. Najam at 202-775-8600 or farzadnajam(at) if you are able to assist by volunteering or with financial donations.

Emergency Relief Hospital in Mansehra:
Dr. Anwaar Khan is a US trained and board certified gastroenterologist who is the Chairman and Dean of the Shaikh Zayed Postgraduate Medical Institute in Lahore, Pakistan, and established the Emergency Relief Hospital in Mansehra, Pakistan, both of which are at the center of the medical relief efforts following the recent earthquake. He stresses the ongoing needs for medical and surgical volunteers for the late presenting patients with infected fractures and other wounds, with specific needs for Neurosurgery (particularly spinal cord injuries), Orthopedic, General, Plastic and Reconstructive surgeons, among other volunteers. Volunteers would most likely be operating out of the city of Islamabad. Some travel to forward areas like Muzafarabad where an American team has set up a small hospital may be possible.

Interested volunteers should contact Dr. Khan directly (cell phone 011 92 300 940 5648 home phone 011-92-42-531-1408, hospital phone 011-92-923-0718 or 011-92-923-0727, email anwaark(at) for further information. Expedited arrangements may be possible through the Pakistani Minister of Health.

Source: Hope Banda Aceh
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