Thursday, November 10, 2005

Relief Shelter Drive appeal

Via email from Iceknife

"… in Kashmir … people [will] freeze to death if they don't get assistance in weeks"
Jan Egeland, UN Humanitarian Chief
November 8, 2005

Today, November 8, 2005 marks the one-month anniversary of the earthquake that hit South Asia on October 8, 2005. You've given and given.


In the next two weeks, heavy snowfall will start blocking supply routes of relief goods to the earthquake-affected regions. In the next two weeks, 350,000 people may still sleep under the open sky, awaiting any type of accommodation. In the next two weeks, 10,000 children will face death.

Despite the UN's flash appeal for $550 million, only $133 million worth of pledges and donations have been made – less than 25% of the actual requirement.

It's a race against time – but your timely donation as an individual can help provide shelter and save lives.

Donate to Relief Shelter Drive, a grassroots initiative undertaken by a small group of individuals across the United States, United Kingdom and Pakistan. RSD has partnered with the Association for the Development of Pakistan (ADP) in the United States and EHD Foundation in Pakistan to receive funds to provide desperately needed shelter to the earthquake survivors. We aim to reach areas where the government and major relief organization have still not reached.

You can now make your online contributions (tax-deductible for those in the US) at:

Please forward widely. If you can not donate yourself, please find friends, neighbors or colleagues who may be able to do so. Every act can help save lives.

Sincerely yours,

Sarah Karim
Relief Shelter Drive Team Member
Karachi, Pakistan
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