Sunday, October 30, 2005

The Relief Tent Drive Team Issues an Inspiring Update

Thank you so much for your support and contributions! We have far surpassed our expectations with the grassroots efforts of the Relief Tent Drive! We are temporarily not accepting donations while we prepare our accounts to handle additional contributions. Because of the overwhelming response to this project, we need to enhance our donation accepting methods and are currently working towards partnering with an established and registered organization.

We will be back soon and will inform you when we start accepting donations again. In the mean time, you should be proud that your contributions have helped us:

- To purchase a total of 101 tents in Pakistan, of which 30 tents are on their way and 50 tents are being manufactured in Pakistan;
- To deliver 21 tents to villages that were under resourced or had yet to receive any aid.

We will continue to delivery the tents we have ordered with your funds, so you can rest assured that 100% of your donations have gone towards providing shelter. An Accounting Page is now available to ensure our efforts are transparent and clear to our donors and to the public...please visit this page for more information. Also, we have updated our distribution page with a map of areas delivered to, please see here.

Source: Relief Tent Drive
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