Saturday, October 08, 2005

Special emergency measures taken by IESCO for the earthquake-hit areas

Chief Executive IESCO, Brigadier Shahbaz Azam has instructed all the circle incharges to take maximum possible measures throughout the IESCO region in case of any emergency and take part in all relief operations being carried out in earthquake-hit areas. He said in case of any emergency situation with regard to suspension of electricity, all the concerned people in IESCO from Attock to Jehlum have made special arrangements.

In the head office a deputy chief executive of complaint and monitoring cell will supervise and monitor the emergency situation round the clock. He will be available on these emergency telephone numbers, Islamabad circle 9220927, City circle 9219308, Attock circle 9213989, Chakwal circle 9219321 and toll free no: 0800-25250 where the people can contact in case of any emergency.

In Margala Towers of F-10 area of Islamabad, which was hit badly due the earthquake, IESCO has already dispatched emergency lights, cables and power generators so that there could be no hindrance in the ongoing rescue operations, Chief executive said.

Source: Pakistan Link
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Came by with two links that may come in handy:

and also, red cross/crescent provided the foll. contact information. Thought it might come in handy--

· In Islamabad: Khalid Kibriya, Secretary-General, Pakistan Red Crescent; Phone: +92.51.925.7404;

· In Islamabad: Asar ul-Haq, Disaster Management Officer, Pakistan Delegation; email:;
Phone: +92.51.925.0416; Mobile: +92.300.856.8136;

· In Delhi: Uzmat Ulla, Head of Delegation, India Delegation; email:; Phone: +91.11.2332.4203

· In Delhi: Nina Nobel, Programme Coordinator, South Asia Regional Delegation; email:;
Phone: +91.11.2685.8671

· In Kabul: Fatima Gailani, President, Afghanistan Red Crescent; Phone: +

· In Kabul: Vincent Toutain, Programme Coordinator, Afghanistan Delegation; email:;
Phone: +93.7001.8727

· In Geneva: Charles Evans, acting Head of Asia Pacific Department; email:;
Phone: +41.22.730.4455

All this and more at the site, here:

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