Saturday, October 08, 2005

LIFE Mobilizing to Provide Emergency Relief for Victims of the Earthquake in Pakistan

Life for Relief and Development (LIFE), an American humanitarian relief organization based in Southfield, Mich. is mobilizing to help the victims of the tremendous earthquake, which struck Pakistan today, by providing emergency humanitarian relief and medical supplies.

The earthquake has caused massive damages throughout the country. Thousands of homes have been destroyed, buildings and schools collapsed and several villages were totally wiped-out throughout the Northwest Frontier Province and Azad Kashmir leaving thousands of families homeless and panicking in the streets. These victims are in desperate need of essential items like water, food, hygiene items and shelter.

LIFE will be providing emergency items to these families and will be responsible for the purchase and distribution of the humanitarian supplies. The medical and humanitarian supplies will be distributed through LIFE's office in Pakistan.

LIFE is initiating a donation drive to help pay for the expenses involved in purchasing and distributing the emergency humanitarian supplies, and is asking for local communities to help these affected families in need. The most needed items include:

1. Tents,
2. Blankets,
3. Quilts,
4. Plastic sheeting,
5. Food Items,
6. Jerry cans,
7. Bottled water,
8. Cooking utensils, and
9. Basic medical supplies

LIFE provides medical and relief supplies to civilian populations around the world, without regard to race, color, creed, or ethnic origin. For more information on how you can help, please contact the LIFE office at 248-424-7493 or by e-mail.

Source: US Newswire
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