Sunday, October 30, 2005

LDRF Update: Volunteers Needed - North of Pakistan

The following is an urgent call for volunteers from an LDRG aid worker - Tree Elf:
The LUMS Disaster Relief Fund (LDRF) does not have volunteers who can go up north. We need you to volunteer yourself; your time, your energy. Contact Dr. Sohaib Khan ( sohaib[at]lums[dot]edu[dot]pk ) and Yasir Hashmi for volunteering. We need people to go up there, help organize stuff, coordinate, distribute. Help out in general. Do This! Give Some Of Your Time!
Additionally an important note for all donors from the LDRF team:
Don't send heavy trucks up north: there are massive traffic jams on the way. Also, don't send goods individually: we are not working alone. Contact Edhi, Red Crescent, Islamic Relief, SUNGI, Omar Asghar Khan Foundation, NRSP or the armed forces. There is an urgent need for large waterproof tents, blankets and bedding. These should be sent only up to Islamabad, where the armed forces are in charge of redistribution.
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