Sunday, October 16, 2005

Relief material collection in Kolkota

If you live in Kolkota and wish to donate relief material for the earth-quake affected in Srinagar, this organization is collecting material including woollen blankets and tents.

The Telegraph reports on this, The first lot, comprising 50 shelter boxes, was sent on Saturday. The boxes, worth $ 1,000 each and sent by Rotarians in the US, have provisions for 10 people, including sleeping bags, utensils and water purification tablets. Fifty more boxes will accompany 6,000 blankets, 200 tents and several thousand woollens and clothes in the next consignment. Woollens, blankets and tents can be sent to 12 Sunny Park, opposite Ballygunge Post Office, Calcutta 19. Phone 22829898/97. (Link through Indian Writing)
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