Tuesday, October 11, 2005

IR assessment & response to quake in Pakistan

Islamic Relief is leading teams of international aid workers into the affected area to assess the needs of survivors. Two teams of aid workers from several international humanitarian organisations have been sent to Rawalakot and another is now in Bagh. All three teams are led by IR staff. IR has extensive experience in the region and is the leading agency in Kashmir. IR is acting as a lead agency on behalf of other humanitarian organisations. An initial £2 million has been allocated for the disaster, and IR staff are carrying out needs assessments in affected areas.

5 million need help:
Rawalakot suffered 90% damage, while Bagh is all but destroyed. IR staff estimate that 5 million people will need assistance.

Tents and blankets:
A planeload of aid from the UK government has been received by Islamic Relief staff in Pakistan and has already been distributed to survivors in Muzaffarabad. The shipment contained tents and blankets. The UK government has provided Islamic Relief with a further 1,000 tents from its stockpile in Lahore. The tents will be distributed in Muzaffarabad on 11 October.

In Muzaffarabad, 4,000 packs of food, each weighing 15 kg, are being distributed among survivors. Locals in Islamabad donated 30 metric tonnes of rice. Two IR Pakistan lorries are in transit to distribute the rice in affected areas.

Treating the wounded:
Staff at Islamic Relief's health centre in the Neelum Valley in Kashmir have been treating the wounded. So far, 2000 people have been treated in IR clinic. IR's Islamabad office is arranging shipments of additional medical supplies to the area. IR's health centre is the only functioning health centre in the area. In Khutan, IR's community volunteers are treating the wounded and injured. The first plane load of aid organised by the UK government has arrived in Pakistan. The aid shipment is made up mainly of tents and blankets.

You can help by making an Online Donation or telephoning:

UK : + 44 121 622 0622
USA : +1 818 238 95 20
France : +33 149 171717
Germany : + 49 221 722 0799
Holland : + 31 206 160 022
Belgium : + 32 22 198 184
Switzerland : +41 227 320 273
Italy : + 39 34 703 41183
Worldwide: +44 121 622 0622

Source: ReliefWeb
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