Tuesday, October 11, 2005

ICRC: Important Information on Relief Efforts

From Antonella Notari, Head of Media Relations at the ICRC by email:


We're issuing daily bulletins right now on what we are doing in Pakistani-administered Kashmir (worst affected area, capital Muzzafarabad) and in Indian Jammu & Kashmir. they are posted on under latest news. We also issued our short term plan of action today, on our web site as well. in a nutshell, distributions of food and non-food items, incl shelters material and medical supplies have started but will rapidly increase as of tomorrow since we now have secured 3 helicopters. (Mostly we need money to buy goods locally in Pakistan and India and to pay for transport and personnel).

Family Links

The other big action will be the re-establishing of family links, we're sending teams ot the field with sat phones and various equipements to make sure the victims can make know where/how they are to their relatives and friends world-wide. in order for this service to be effective it needs to be known. Link to ICRC's Family Links Website.


The ICRC doesn't actually take on volunteers, we work with people who are already trained and have experience in such situations. however, most national Red Cross and Red Crescent societies will need volunteers to help with various services.

Anyone who wants to apply to work with the ICRC can see the job openings and recruitment criteria and process on our web site.


We take private donations for specific crises and details can be had through our website (via Help The ICRC).


In a crisis like this one, it is important to make sure that what we distribute is in relations to specific needs. In additon, it often makes more sense to buy locally or regionally which cuts transport costs and fits the needs more appropriately. but some national Red Cross and Red Crescent societies will collect items such as clothing etc. for disaster relief.
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