Monday, October 10, 2005

Medical Supplies Needed in Manserah and Balakot.

The following appeal comes from Islamabad:

"We direly need medical supplies being delivered to manserah and balakot. yesterdays trip there has given a better picture as to what all is really needed there. so apart from the clothes, food (water, milk, atta, daal, chawal, biscuits, juices), blankets, cooking utensils including pots and pans, we urgently require medical supplies. these include:

- small operation table with lights
- glucose saline drips
- solucortes
- syringes
- injections-dacadron, dicloran, pacedine.

other stuff:
- dressing material
- spirit
-ivy antibiotic
- gentocene
- drips
- proxin
- novidate
- cervical collars

Donations are being collected at House 13, Streeet 20, F-7/2. For further details you can contact Zohair Haider at 0333-5289108 or Sahir 0300-8569423 (Assam Khalid) 0300-5269498"

Source: Assam Khalid via Lahore MetroBlogs
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