Sunday, October 09, 2005

Focal points of coordination for IRFC operating in affected areas

Red cross/Crescent provided the following contact information:

· In Islamabad: Khalid Kibriya, Secretary-General, Pakistan Red Crescent;
Phone: +92.51.925.7404;

· In Islamabad: Asar ul-Haq, Disaster Management Officer, Pakistan Delegation;
email:; Phone: +92.51.925.0416; Mobile: +92.300.856.8136;

· In Delhi: Uzmat Ulla, Head of Delegation, India Delegation;
email:; Phone: +91.11.2332.4203

· In Delhi: Nina Nobel, Programme Coordinator, South Asia Regional Delegation;; Phone: +91.11.2685.8671

· In Kabul: Fatima Gailani, President, Afghanistan Red Crescent;
Phone: +

· In Kabul: Vincent Toutain, Programme Coordinator, Afghanistan Delegation;
email:; Phone: +93.7001.8727

· In Geneva: Charles Evans, acting Head of Asia Pacific Department;
email:; Phone: +41.22.730.4455
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