Thursday, October 27, 2005

Pakistan Embraces Internet After Quake

It is heartening to see the effect the internet has on the relief operations. Many NGO's are planning their operations with the help of the many websites keeping tabs on relief operations, news, maps, links to other organizations etc. It is much easier to just get on the internet and get information then wait around for official information. While the most important thing is getting the physical releif operations going, access to information makes organizing everything much easier.

There have still been too many mishaps with different relief operations converging on the same area while other areas nearby still hadn't received any help, and other teams (especially non medical ones) who were unsure what to do. There needs to be a way to provide those in the field with an updated picture. Cell phones work, but they waste time as people call back and forth, with numerous dropped calls in between. New teams going on should be able to look at, asses where they are needed, and go there - instead of waiting around. Don't take this as critiscm - the technology is not quite there to be easily able to do all this, but there is a definite need for a better way to get information across to those who need it where they need it.
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Blogger ICEKNIFE said :

Perhaps we could coordinate with Map Action to generate a simple action map? Keep it simple... sites with relief, sites without relief color coded to indicate need level, and access points. Things like topology could be overlays. They could host it or we could. It should have easy "map pin" posting, so we and other relief groups could stick a pin where we've got people on the ground, and indicate needs, relief saturation level, and any errata. A red pin where there's relief needed and none present; a yellow pin where there's some relief but not nearly enough; a blue pin where there's almost but not quite enough relief; and a green pin for places that have active relief hubs that don't need more people. Please note that I'm just talking about human resources, not materials or equipment. Maybe the map should include critical gear or materials, or is that a different map?

We've needed an interactive online map like that in every disaster situation this year!


October 27, 2005 12:10 pm  
Anonymous Nasir said :

What are the website/internet locations that are being used by these NGOs to coordinate over the net?

October 30, 2005 4:55 am